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Fun Realty, Inc., a real estate corporation specializing in
the                                                        following.

1.  The education of owners and guests at
Oyster Pointe
                  Bay Resorts, in reference to RCI and the exchange
system,                in order to obtain the maximum benefit out of what
they own.

2.  The listing and sales of timeshare units at the resorts.

3.  The education and sales of the
RCI Points Program.

4.  Helping timeshare owners get the maximum benefit out
of                   their ownership.

5.  Having fun and helping people.
                             About the Broker     

George K. Bott, 'Kenny' has been in the timeshare industry since 1998 and is a licensed  
Florida Real Estate Broker. He worked in the Orlando timeshare market with the top four
Industry big names for 12 years and has been with Oyster Pointe and Bay Resorts for the
last 12 years as their Site Broker.   

After owning a business in New Jersey and not having a life (being a workaholic) he
decided to move to Florida to sell timeshare. Kenny and his wife Candy, had been  
timeshare owners for many years, and came to a conclusion that everyone deserves the
best vacations possible and timesharing is the answer.

The best way to help owners with their timeshare is to educate them on how timeshare
really works, so they can receive the maximum benefits from their ownership..

We hope that this site and especially the information relating to the
RCI Points Program will
maximize the usage of your timeshare ownership for many years to come.

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