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Have you ever tried to make an exchange with RCI and heard,      
"it is not available"?

Did the nice salesperson that sold you your timeshare units say,
"you can exchange any time and go anywhere you want?"

Did you receive good exchanges when you first purchased your
timeshare and now you can't even get to first base?
To answer these questions you first have to understand
how timeshare works and the power of exchange.
Here is an example.
Lets say that you own a two bedroom RCI Gold Crown resort on the beach in Hawaii, (Buy the way
at todays prices you would pay from $22,000 to $50,000) and
you are trying to make an exchange.

I own a one bedroom unit in Conroe TX, (and I paid $3,500 years ago) and we are both trying
to exchange to the same resort at the same time.

You call up RCI and ask for the exchange and you hear about the many units that are available.
(Now remember
you are the one that owns in Hawaii). The reason you have many choices is
because from a scale of 1 to 10,
you are a 10.

I call up RCI to make the exact exchange and I here there is nothing available. The reason is,
from a scale of 1 to 10,
I might be a 3. RCI is really not saying 'there is nothing available', they are
really saying that the exchange is not available to
me for the week that I am giving them to

There are really only two ways to make good exchanges.

1. Purchase an RCI Gold Crown two or three bedroom unit in Hawaii or a Vail Ski week or a Hilton
Head summer week on the beach and you will be able to get the exchanges that you want. (By the
way you will be paying from $22,000 to as much as $55,000 for those weeks).
 Know how timeshare really works and the power of exchanging.
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