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Before we go through the RCI Points Pricing, lets do an industry price
Fact: The average price in Orlando at an
RCI Points Resort for a week
that is worth 34,500
RCI Points is over $13,500. That is about
.39 cents per point.

Don't take our word for the above statement, call any resort that is
selling the
RCI Points Program and ask them what their pricing is and
do your own comparison.

How about paying only
.07 to .15 cents per point at
Oyster Pointe and Oyster Bay Resorts.
To find out how many RCI Points your RCI
weeks would be worth
the part of Resorts Condominiums International, LLC.
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For Oyster Pointe and Oyster Bay Resort owners the cost for converting one or all of your
weeks is only $1,500.00, it's that simple. If you want more points when you convert, just
pick up another week or two and it would be converted at the same time at
no extra charge.

For other
RCI members just pick out the week or weeks you like and add $1,500.00 and
you also are on your way to many extra exchanges.

As an added value you will
receive an extra 10,000 RCI Points for the first year.
One year RCI Points dues.
No enrollment fees