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The RCI Points Program is the best thing that has come out of RCI
ever. There have been point programs around for years, some good
and some not so great. But
RCI waited for years before they
developed their
RCI Points Program. They took the best parts out of
the other points programs that preceded theirs to produce the
best points programs available.

Now that's the good news.

The bad news is not the program itself, but the way it is portrayed by
some of the, 'salespersons' in the timeshare industry. You see, when
you go to a timeshare presentation, you are listening to a 'sales'
presentation not an 'educational' presentation. You will hear how this
is the answer to all your vacation needs, how it will solve all your
vacation problems and get you all over the world.
Not the whole story, how timeshare really works.
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When you are through with the typical sales presentation you have either purchased or you  
left thinking the program is to confusing, to high pressure, not informative enough or maybe
even mad.

If you have purchased and really know how the
RCI Points Program works you have made
the correct decision.  We hope this site will be of help to you to understand how to get the
most out of your new
RCI Points Program.

NOTE: When you really understand how the RCI Points Program works, the main thing to
remember is, There is no such thing as a
RED point or a Blue point. There is no such thing
as a three bedroom point or a one bedroom point. There is no such thing as a Gold Crown
Resort point or a Standard Resort point.


The object of the game is to get the most RCI Points for the least amount of money.

If you have not already purchased, read all the pages on this site, then go to the Questions
& Inquires button and fill out the requested information. Write down your questions and
request a presentation worksheet.
When we give presentations at Oyster Pointe and Bay Resorts, to a guests staying at the
resort that have never seen the
RCI Points Program, it takes an hour or more. If you have
explored our web site, the phone presentation doesn't take site, the phone presentation
doesn't take long at all. You will have of your long at all. You will have of your questions
answered and you will receive the full story on how the
RCI Points Program works.

We can't totally explain the whole story on this web site, but when you really understand
how the
RCI Points Program works, you will be able to do the following:

1.   Be able to exchange to other
RCI Points Resorts for less that a week
without                         wasting a whole week exchange.          

2.   Have a high
Exchange Power regardless of what you own, because with the
RCI                   Points Program
there are no Exchange Power Rules that will prevent you
from                       obtaining the exchanges of your choice. You will also learn what

Exchange Power                 
is and how it prevents you from making quality exchanges. And
how to get around                 the
Exchange Power Rules.

3.   You won't be limited on your exchange choices. You see, an
RCI Points
member                   can exchange to an
RCI Points members unit or an RCI Weeks
members unit. But,               an
RCI Weeks member can only exchange to another RCI
members unit.                 That really means, the more RCI Weeks members that join
RCI Points Program,             the less RCI Weeks members units will be available for
RCI Weeks members to                   exchange into.

4.   Receive multiple weeks of exchanges with just one week of ownership. You
will                     learn how to make exchanges from 2 to 30 days out,
"Which was called an
Instant                 Exchange"
. The difference with the RCI Points Program is, the cost in RCI
                 for an Instant Exchange is only 9,000 RCI Points or less. So, if you have a
week that             is worth
34,500 RCI Points you could go to over 3,200 RCI Week Resorts
9,000              RCI Points or less. In Florida, it is only 7,500 RCI Points, which means
you can get                
4 weeks of exchanges out of only 1 week of ownership.

5.   Learn there are really only two ways to make an exchange. One way is
to                                purchase a Gold Crown, two or three bedroom, high season at a high
demand                      location and you can get where you want to go. You will also pay
to                   own at a resort with that quality. The other way is to know the system
and how to                    work the system. You will learn in the presentation that the
exchange does                 work and why it works.

6.   When you are an owner in the
RCI Points Program and own at other resorts in
   RCI Weeks system, you will learn how to deposit those week units into your
RCI                    Points account for only $26. This is called Points for Deposit. CLICK
HERE to find                out how many RCI Points your RCI Weeks would be worth.

7.   You will find out all the fees involved.
One thing for sure you will know how it works.

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