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The next two paragraphs are quoted exactly from the RCI Rules.

 RCI Weeks Instant Exchange

"An RCI Weeks Instant Exchange is any Vacation Exchange
(domestic, international, or internal) confirmed two to 30 days in
advance of travel".

"At 30 days before the start date of each available Vacation Week in
RCI Weeks deposit pool, certain exchange restrictions (such as
Trading Power) are waived".

What this means is this; If you call RCI and you have a week deposited
in the
Space Bank and you ask to go to another RCI Week Resort there
are no restrictions that will stop you from getting that exchange.
Whether it is a studio, blue week in the middle or no where you are
equal to another timeshare unit that someone paid $40,000 for. This is
because there are no rules, they were waived.
Some folks will say only having, 30 days in advance of when you can go on vacation isn't
enough time. Well, that is over 6 weeks in advance and if you absolutely have to make
Once you really understand why it does work, you can exchange to locations you would not
have qualified for otherwise. There are two ways to make exchanges. One, if you have
spent a lot of money you can get exchanges far in advance. The other is to make an
exchange over a shorter period of time.

There are three classifications of units that become available over a short period of time.

Two of which were not available even if you had the best week money could buy

1.  The first are
Cancellations. These units are exchanges that have been confirmed by RCI
and because of circumstances in owners lives, the units have been put back in the system.
A lot of these units are at great locations. You see the members that first received the
conformation, wait to the last minute to redeposit it back in the system because they were
hoping the circumstance that prevented them from going would change.
These weeks can
be great quality weeks.

2.  The second are we like to call Procrastination Weeks. If you don't know already, you are
able to deposit the weeks you own all the way up to 14 days before the start date and still
have 2 years to use those deposited weeks.

Well, what happens is,
RCI will call members that haven't yet deposited their weeks
approximately 30 days before the start date and remind them that if they don't deposit their
weeks before 14 days prior to the start date they won't be able to exchange them. The
owner will thank the representative from
RCI for reminding them and deposit their weeks.
These weeks can also be great quality weeks.

In both the above examples the weeks that were deposited were not available to anyone
regardless of their
Exchange Power and now they are only available on a short notice.

3.  The next type is simply unit weeks that were not requested by anyone and in a short
period of time won't be available because they will pass by the start date and expire.

NOTE: RCI makes its money by charging an annual fee and from the exchange fees. This
is why they came up with the 30 day rule commonly know as the
Instant Exchange. In that
way they recover the
Exchange Fees they would have lost if the units remained empty.

Now, the way to do an
Instant Exchange is to call RCI in the evening. "Use the phone not
their Internet site".
RCI closes it's phone center at 12:00 EST. That is when people are
coming home for dinner and discussing their timeshare options and reluctantly redepositing
their weeks because they have other commitments. It is also when
RCI calls owners getting
them to deposit their unit weeks before they loose them.

When you call to make an
Instant Exchange, just ask what they have available in your
vacation choice area less than 30 days away. That's over 6 weeks away. If nothing is
available or there are only 1 bedrooms and you need 2 bedrooms don't panic, simply hang
up and call back in 15 or 20 minutes and ask the same questions again. You will be
surprised of the results.
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