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Fun Realty, Inc.
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Oyster Pointe & Oyster Bay Resort
To know how timeshare works, you must to have an
understanding of
Exchange Power and the Power of

Deposit Credits is a number score given to a week of
timeshare based on your Power of Exchange score.

You will learn how to optimize the most with the units you now
own in the
RCI Weeks Program and the best kept secret, on
how to exchange.

Note: There are over 4,000 resorts in the RCI system of which
over 950 resorts have chosen to convert over to the
RCI Points
. Oyster Pointe Resort and Oyster Bay Resort are two of
the resorts that have joined the
RCI Points Program.

We will first go over how the weeks exchange system
works and why it doesn't work. We will also show you how
you can get around the rules. The more flexible you are the
Exchange Power is based on the Trading Power Rules. (Now called Deposit Credits)

Trading Power consists of the following:

1.  The Size of the unit you are Depositing.

2.  The Demand of the Resort you are Depositing.

3.  The Demand of the Resort area you are Depositing.

4.  The Season
Red, White or Blue you are Depositing.

5.  The status Gold Crown, International Distinction or Standard/Hospitality you are                         

There are really only two ways to make great exchanges. One way is to purchase a Gold Crown Resort
that is in a very demanded area with 2 or 3 Bedrooms in a high season. You will then be able to go
where you want, when you want to go. The problem with that is you will be spending from $25,000 to
$40,000 or more.
Know how the system works and be a little flexible. Let me explain.

Lets say, you spent the big money and own one of the best resorts, on a scale of 1 to 10 based  on your
Trading Power
you are a 10. Lets say, I own a 1 bedroom Standard unit in the middle of no where, in off
season. Now we are both trying to make an exchange to go to the same location 6 months away. When
you call
RCI you will be told about all the wonderful choices you have to pick from. Now I call at the exact
same time and ask to go to the same location, now remember what I am trying to trade. When I call, all I
hear is there is nothing available. That is because from 1 to 10 in the trading power rules I am a 2 or a

NOW WAIT, the salesperson that sold me my timeshare told me that I could go anywhere in the
book when I wanted to go.

You see the people that are paying big money really deserve to get the best exchanges and that is
really how the system works. But, there is a way around the
Trading Power Rules. On a normal
exchange, 46 days to 2 years in advance, that is exactly how the system works. But,
RCI in it's wisdom
saw that they were loosing millions of dollars in units that remained empty and not used. You see,
makes it's money by charging exchange fees and if owners don't qualify to make exchanges the units
remain empty and they don't receive the exchange fees. So what they did was come up with a rule most
RCI owners don't know about or really don't understand, the Power of the Instant Exchange. An Instant
is what it was called years ago and some of the new employees at RCI are not familiar with
that term, but the same rules still apply.