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Beware of Timeshare Resale Company's promising to
sell your timeshare weeks for high prices.
There are timeshare resale company's mostly in Texas and Florida that
are taking advantage of good people like you that own timeshare.  
They are very smooth, polite, courteous and cunning. Promising you an
unreal sales return on unreal sales pricing. They use the mail, phone
and the Internet.

I will give you an example of how they have scammed some of the
owners an Oyster Pointe & Bay Resorts.

The real facts first:
The current selling prices at Oyster Pointe & Bay Resorts are between
$800 and $2,900.  When the resort was sold out in the 1980s the
prices were between $3,700 and $6,800.
                         The scam:
You now receive a phone call from one of these company's and the nice person on the other
end is going to help you. They say they just sold a week at Oyster Pointe or Oyster Bay
Resort for $15,000 and they have a list of folks just waiting to buy a week at your resort for
around the same amount. They now have your attention, whether you wanted to sell or not,
you now have dollar signs in your eyes.

They now even sweeten up the pot by saying, "and there isn't even a commission to pay".
Now they really have your attention. Then you hear that there is just a small fee to help you
sell your week and they will call it a listing fee, an appraisal fee or an advertising fee and it is
only, between $350 and I have heard as high as $1,200.

Of course you will never here from them again.

When I take listing from the owners at Oyster Pointe and Bay Resorts, I tell them how much
the units are going for and I hear, that someone told them that they could get from $10,000
to $15,000, now I know who they have been dealing with. When they hear the real deal they
are not happy campers.

Some of the owners unfortunately have fell pray to this practice more than one time. Why
would anyone purchase a piece of property for $10,000 to $15,000 when they can call the
resort and receive the current sales price list from $800 to $2,900?

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