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If you have just purchased into the RCI Points Program you have
made the correct decision.

If saving money is important to you, then the information you are
about to read will save you a ton of money.

When you really know how the
RCI Points Program works, you
will realize all
RCI Points works the same. The question is, did
you pay too much for the program that you just purchased.

The name of the game is,
"How to spend the least amount of
money to get the most amount of RCI Points"
Before we go through the RCI Points Pricing, lets do an industry price comparison.

Fact: The average price in Orlando at an
RCI Points Resort for a week that is worth
RCI Points is over $13,500. That is about
.39 cents per point.

Don't take our word for the above statement, call any resort that is selling the RCI
Points Program
and ask them what their pricing is and do your own comparison.

How about paying only from
.07 to .15 cents per point at
Oyster Pointe and Oyster Bay Resorts.

If you see the savings, don't panic you might still have a way out so you can cash in
on the savings.

In the United States, written into the contracts is a Right of Rescission clause, also
called the cooling off period. In Florida for instance it is 10 days. Anytime within the
10 days from the date you purchased you can cancel the contract without any
penalty. You can look into the paperwork that you have to find out how many days the
Right of Rescission is for the state in which you purchased.

If you exercise that option, follow the instructions in your paperwork and keep a
record of the of the certified US mail receipts that you used to exercise the option.

If you are within the Rescission Period you should call us now if you have any

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